Happy dogs and happy owners say it all!

» Iris

Well, it’s been a little more than two years since I purchased one of your precious Ramblewood female pups out of Gladys and Brooks, and although I’ve kept you up to date with how much I love Iris quite often, let me reiterate it here. Since the day my husband flew her home and handed me this little ball of black and white which immediately started kissing me—I’ve been in love. As you know, I’ve owned dogs all my life. Each dog has brought something special to my life, but Iris has been the dog I

always dreamed of. She is such a lovely example of the bench-bred springer and is healthy, athletic, sweet and fun. She’s the epitome of the English Springer Spaniel exhibiting the correct type and temperament. Everyone comments on how adorable she is when we walk through the neighborhood. She has lots of friends. She breezed through all her socialization and obedience classes, and was known as the class clown (see attached graduation photo). Iris came to us happy, well-socialized and able to be handled easily. The vet and groomer couldn’t believe her wonderful temperament. From her teeth to her paws to her ears, she had clearly been taught to be handled without stress. She loves to be brushed. She is great with people and dogs of all ages. She has her favorites, of course, but she’s pretty convinced that she’s special—can you blame her? Each morning Iris wakes me up with her wagging tail and happy kisses, she’s just that kind of dog. She is so easy to live with, bright, funny and quite honestly is about my best friend in the world.

I have also so appreciated the warm and ever-available advice you and Linda have given me. Although I did not totally adhere to Linda’s admonishment not to spoil Iris (haha), I still appreciated both of you giving consultations on diet, ear and coat care, supplement and traininadvice. I also appreciate the decades of experience with this incredible breed that you and Linda have. It’s one thing to breed beautiful dogs, but quite another to breed dogs with the cheerful, inquisitive and loving disposition that also characterizes this breed. I appreciate so much the sweet dog, beautiful dog I have in Iris and we love her dearly!

» Solle

We now have our fourth Ramblewood English Springer Spaniel from breeder Linda Riedel. We have had two liver and white and two black and white Springers, all female. They have all been beautiful with incredible dispositions; very intelligent and a pleasure to train, almost always wanting to do nothing but please us humans! Even our long-time veterinarian and his assistant constantly comment on the excellence of these Springers (apparently most of their previous exposures to Springers were not pleasant, as the dogs were aggressive, which is NOT the breed standard!). Linda has been great to work with. She is committed to excellence in maintaining the standard of the breed; she has also worked with us to match a dog to our lifestyle/needs.
We couldn’t be happier with our Springers or our breeder! We are always proud to share her contact information with others when they are interested in where we got our Springers!

Happy Springer owners in Portland, Oregon



 >> Deb testimonal_edited-3

Hello Ramblewood and all that contribute  these lovely Springers,

Since 1997 I have witnessed from the day of my first CH Ramblewood  Lucy In The Sky  ,to CH  Ramblewood Soaring Stairway To Heaven CH Ramblewood Soaring I Still Believe and Now, My 8 mos old  Ramblewood  Soaring Beyond The Sun Lucy, Natalie, Aydan and Sunshine  these guys have been a great asset for us all these years, Since my first mentor had  past  ,Linda has been a great help to keep me On the path of exhibiting and good same  ethics  as I  and have been enjoying all the years  continuing  and pursuing  the best in our English Springer Spaniels  .


DEB,   Soaring in Upstate NY


 >> Miss Billie‏FullSizeRender

Looks like a posed portrait. She is so beautiful. This is the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. Everywhere we go people tell us how beautiful she is. Terry went to one of the many dog parks the other day and a lady walked up and said, “I know this dog.” She has seen her on one of her walks around town. In these pics she’s wanting to see our dinner. We love her so much!